at a horror movie

  • bf: are you scared?
  • me: in this economy who wouldn't be


I have so much respect for people that can write songs. Like, how did you know that melody with those lyrics and that guitar riff would be so catchy? Song writers are so smart. Serious respect for song writers. 

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girls all go to the bathroom together because that’s where we rap battle

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soo accurate

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i don’t care i love it » The Avengers

The Tesseract has awakened. It is on a little world. A human world. They would wield its power, but our ally knows its workings as they never will. He is ready to lead. And our force, our Chitauri, will follow. The world will be his. The universe yours. And the humans, what can they do but burn?

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if macklemore broke my nose I would sue him so fast drain his bank account buy myself a new nose, a range rover, three jacuzzis, a copy of The Wizard of Oz & taco bell if I had change left over

Macklemore made a song about thrift shops what made you think he has money

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Welcome to My World.

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